4M Methodology

It’s not just a number and a letter; it is our guiding methodology for all of our services. We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art customer service and leading-edge production to everyone who works with us.

There is no more important or valuable resource than employees; they determine your success and failure as a business. Crucial Link’s System will decrease the time you invest in employee service concerns and increase the productivity of your business.

Here’s how we do it:


Crucial Link tracks and manages all of our employees and the services we provide. How can we promise you peak performance if we don’t know how our employees are functioning or if our services are impactful?


Crucial Link will work with you to determine what you are looking for from our employees and services regarding production, performance, and process. We then consistently quantify the 3 P’s and provide you reports on status and updates


Crucial Link will meet with you as often as needed to make adjustments to the project. We call these Calibration Meetings. It’s where we meet as employment partners to regulate and adapt ensuring top-end results.y the 3 P’s and provide you reports on status and updates


With adjustments made and implemented, your organization will see increased production, reduced downtime, and an improved overall work environment.

Employee services is not a zero-sum game. Full employment does not ensure maximum production, and the defining characteristic of an employee should never be a heartbeat or drawing a breath.

4M is Crucial Link’s commitment to you. Delivering what you need to make your company and your employees the best they can be.

The Assessment and discover where you stand.

Does your employee services company –


Manage their workers?


Walk the work area and coach their workers?


Provide a system to measure the production of their workers?


Implement changes that increase productivity?


Provide reports on the status and performance of their workers?


Implement changes that reduce the time you spend on staffing?


Meet with you to course-correct production and employee issues?


Help decrease employee costs?

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Answering no to any of these questions is, unfortunately, the typical situation in businesses today, but you don’t have to settle for it anymore.

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