Crucial Link Operating Philosophy (AKA C.L.O.P)

Crucial Link operates at the intersection of principled business practice, foundational and innovative processes, and bleeding-edge technology. We have found this combination is key to our customer’s continuous success.

We are in the PEOPLE business, first and foremost. PEOPLE are our most valuable resource.

We will NEVER oversell the market. From the beginning, we promised ourselves that ACCOUNT RETENTION is MORE IMPORTANT than new sales.

We would rather have 10 customers who aren’t merely satisfied but are RAVING FANS than 20 customers who are somewhere on the spectrum from satisfied to unhappy.

We believe in building a two-way relationship with every client – it’s the only way to ensure mutually beneficial connections between clients and candidates. We want everyone we interact with to be comfortable and confident in every interaction. That’s why our Rules for Effective Business Practice* are governed by these five words –






4 Steps That Make C.L.O.P. a Daily Reality


Each office is managed by an Owner/operator – someone who has skin in the game. As an Owner/Operator, they have OWNERSHIP in everything that happens in their office. Their name is on the wall right next to the company name. This level of responsibility spurs the creation of a high-quality, people-centered service.


Crucial Link engages cutting-edge technology and automation in every aspect of the game. We utilize a Tech Stack (Software, Applications & Hardware) employed by only 7% of the overall Employee Services Industry. State-of-the-art technology tools reduce task time and spur our Owner/Operators to produce results for their customers and candidates.

  • Automation on our FindFast mobile recruiting platform reduces the time for placing and onboarding employees by almost 40%.

  • Database cleanup and engagement tools reduce reliance on dated job board technology and efficiently speed up finding the RIGHT pool of candidates.

  • Each Crucial Link office has tech hardware that has virtually eliminated reliance on paper in the People Services Process.

And our “Next Step” Team, spearheaded by founder Matt Sheets, is always looking for tech innovation that will help to increase our customer’s production by making our business processes more effective.


Our proprietary Systems and Processes ensure a consistently high level of service unmatched in the People Service Industry. Whether it’s our –

Our Owner/Operators always know what to do and how to do it. They also have the support to find answers to situations they haven’t seen before. Make no mistake, we live by our Systems and Processes, but we empower our Owner/Operators to make critical decisions based on unique customer/candidate situations.

We never want one of our O.O.s to say, “I couldn’t help the customer/candidate because of our System.” At the end of the day, a customer/candidate’s success is more valuable than dotting i’s or crossing t’s.


We will NEVER oversell the market. Crucial Link has created several proprietary strategies for capping a market. We invest heavily in demographic data, both business-geographic and industry-specific, to determine the proper number of customers by location.

We also have created the S.E.T. (Social Enclave Targeting) System (Link to Onsite System) to understand the supporting socio-community environments. It lets us know where your best employees may live, bowl, attend church, go out to eat, etc. This data helps us twofold:

Leo McGinneva once famously said, “When they buy a drill, they don’t want quarter-inch bits; they want quarter-inch holes.” What you are looking for is production for your company. You want the line to keep running. You want to make sure each shift is staffed to make that happen. Crucial Link understands that not only are people your most valuable resource, but like every other resource, it’s finite.

For our philosophy to work

We require everyone associated with Crucial Link (Customers, Employees, Owners/Operators, and Corporate) to hold each of us to the spirit of this philosophy and its letter. It’s our promise to you, our customers, and our candidates.

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*Rules for Effective Business Practice: If you would like to see a copy of our Rules, contact us, and we will send them over.

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