“Staffing Firms should focus on elevating a candidate’s experience. They should be making it easy for talent to find and successfully onboard the jobs that fit their skills and needs.”

– Matt Sheets, Founder and President of Crucial Link

FindFast App

Ready for a simplified, convenient, and flexible work experience? Our FindFast App is a streamlined mobile app that gives you the power to…

  • Automatically get notified of jobs that fit your skills and availability.

  • Easily express interests and apply to opportunities you want.

  • Get organized with mobile timekeeping and real-time scheduling.

  • Keep connected with your recruiters.

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Today’s talent expects a seamless, frictionless experience.

FindFast by Crucial Link is a Mobile App that increases efficiency through every stage of a candidate’s hiring journey. It provides automatic, immediate notification of open jobs that fit their abilities and availability.

By emphasizing the importance of a candidate’s satisfaction with the experience

Crucial Link raises its ability to deliver the best employees faster while increasing retention.

“We want to build loyalty with our candidates and customers, and the best way we know to do that is to help both sides achieve their goals and blow them away.”

– John C. Kolencik, Co-Founder and Director of Sales and Marketing

was created to increase recruiter productivity while enhancing talent satisfaction.

Here are some of the ways our App makes that happen:

  • Quick and easy talent enrollment with almost 100% paperless onboarding from the App.

  • Skills matching and algorithmic distribution of jobs to ensure talent are paired with all relevant opportunities.

  • Real-time, in-app push notifications of all job opportunities.

  • Flexibility in job distribution: opportunities can be presented to candidates in Offer, Interest, or Schedule Mode to attract, engage, and place talent across all staffing verticals.

  • Mobile timekeeping with bi-directional performance ratings and geo-fencing.

  • Auto Reminders for candidates and employers across the entire spectrum of the hiring journey.

  • Any onboarding document or needed regulatory filing is only a click away.

Crucial Link is committed to ensuring our clients
and candidates have the right solutions.

With FindFast, we can attract, vet, onboard, and schedule workers remotely while raising their satisfaction with our performance.

What used to take hours now takes minutes. Our App drives efficiencies and boosts productivity for your recruiters through end-to-end workflows, simplified payroll and billing, and automated routine tasks.

delivers a streamlined mobile candidate experience

Allowing firms to improve response rates, reduce no-shows, propel higher retention rates, increase referrals, and boost re-engagement.

Reach out today and learn more about how    can help your organization and your most important resource, your employees.

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