CSC Staffing – a division of Crucial Link Solutions – believes in hard work, learning from mistakes, and fostering a people-centered business where both clients and candidates receive value and respect. Our business essentials? Leadership. Relationship. Integrity.

Founded by Matt Sheets, Matt Marzullo, and Brad Reusch, our corporate office and CSC
Center is based in Cleveland, OH with branches in:

  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Florence, South Carolina
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Houston, Texas

Powered by our CSC Centralized Sourcing Center, CSC Staffing has a unique consultive approach to staffing. We believe in building a two-way relationship with every client – it’s the only way to ensure mutually beneficial connections between clients and candidates.


  • Each office is run by an Owner/Operator – someone who has a stake in the game – creating a high-quality people-centered service.
  • Unique Market Strategies for capping a market. Since we do not build robots and people are our product, we believe in having the correct number of customers based on the account size and demographics. We do not oversell the market – placing a higher priority on account retention than new sales. We would rather have 10 happy customers than 20 customers who are not happy.
  • CSC engages cutting-edge technology and automation in every aspect of the game.
  • We deliver on our promises – or we pay you – that’s putting our money where our mouth is!

Partner with CSC Staffing as we grow. Our goals for the future include opening four offices per quarter to expand nationwide. Does this sound aggressive? Consider our Leadership.


Matt SheetsFounder, and CEO
Matt MarzulloFounding Member, and COO
Brad ReuschFounding Member, and Senior Vice President
Justin HartleCall Centre Manager / User IT Admin


The Staffing Company where relationships are based on integrity and problems are solved by listening first and taking the time to learn your company’s mission, goals, and needs.

We know great employees are CRUCIAL to great business. We are the innovative differentiator that moves your company forward with customized solutions founded on providing a quality workforce for all your specific employment needs.

Accountability is the backbone behind our performance. Powered by our Central Sourcing Center, our FindFast APP and 4M System, Crucial Link will help lower your HR costs, fill your positions faster and improve productivity and flexibility.

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